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Moya was sitting on her ledge close to her mum as usualThis skink was escaping the heat and was moving very slow, so I managed to snap a couple of frames and stitched his nose on to make the focal length longerThis tiny dragonfly was sitting on my Frangapani tree. He stayed for a few second so I managed to stitch 5 frames together.I went back to my Frangapani tree again today and managed to coax this little spider out of his web. He wasn't happy.Crabbing at sunset.Jase from "The Corner" playing piano for us.This doll was my hubby's grandma's. She was murdered three years ago by her neighbour. He tried to plead insanity, but the jury found him guilty a couple of months ago. Our daughter now has the doll.Just walking the street in Perth City and this gentleman allowed me to take his photoMoya was playing with this clump of grass. I like the look on her faceAbstract using my motherboard since Tyler was upgrading my computer for meThis spider was so tiny I didn't even see him until he fell out of the weed I was photograhing.Glenn plays piano for us when we popped over for a visitI found this spider just before dark. He was upside down but I like the colour of his belly and that he looks a bit like an alien monster.The inside of our fridge. With a household of 6 adults, this won't last long.