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40 Degrees in Perth, even the bees are going for a swim.A CD upside down, with water droplets catching the afternoon sun.Liked the reflectionsAbout the best of todays efforts. nothing really seemed to is the reason, that Day 7 got little to no thought into the shot.  No apologies, I'm a geek, I have a new toy :)Sunday was a tad warm, and sitting outside with a nice refreshing beverage, I started playing with the sun backlighting the bottle and fill flash .Moya, proving that even though I said 'I don't care how cute you're being, I'm not taking a photo of you', that she could be cute enough to get a photo taken.Large fire burning down south,. Can sometimes give amazing sunsets, but not today.between the ages of 11 and 16, the boys from Splinta, TEAR the sage up at Cockburn City Councils 'Summer of Fun' concert seriesLiked the way the sun was being caught by these little seedling things.Not a great photo, I need to work on my macro skills. But this is roughly actual size.The Corners mascot showing off some of the new merch availalbeWas playing around with some Christmas lights, and liked the way this particular one came out. mmmm bokehlicious.Hyte bring the roof down at City Beach Perth, literally. Pieces of plaster were falling onto the cash register. It was loud, it was good, it was Hyte.Project 365 is about learning, So I've started playing around with off camera flash. My 7D, a 430ex and 580EXII flash positioned in different spots and dialed back. Bear is sitting on a black rug.Seems computer parts and the macro lens have taken centre stage. This is Suzies new backlit keyboard, Red goes faster dontchaknow